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Blue Sky Good Friday

Today  was a glorious day. A small number of us from various churches in the town walked around Bo'ness with  a large cross. It was quite a...Read More

Why I believe in Resurrection

Believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead has profound implications for the way we conduct our lives as Christians. It...Read More

During the month of April the sermons in St Andrew's, Bo'ness will concentrate on telling stories of hope renewal and forgiveness.  All very appropriate as we prepare for Easter. We will continue to follow these themes in Sanctuary First

Many of the stories found in the Gospels make authentic connections with our present society. These stories engage with people in search of meaning and purpose. It is as individuals are transformed that we find communities eventually transformed. This is the work of the church today in parishes up and down the land. And it is the same story which is reflected in the New Testament.

The Gospel stories themselves tell of people who were transformed by encountering Jesus Christ. Women like Mary Magdalene and Martha and Mary all add to the rich texture of the Gospel’s transforming power. The story of the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus still causes people to ask questions and intrigues even those who doubt.

Meeting Jesus for many has turned their lives around. During this month we hope you too will meet some of these people and explore what it is that has brought about transformation. 

Easter allows Christians to explain why belief in the resurrection of Jesus can have significance for 21st century people we hope you will engage with us this month and discover for yourself the transforming power and presence of God in the world today.

A church without walls

What does it mean to be shaped by the Gospel?

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daily prayers

Short prayers and readings every day to stimulate and motivate you.

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