Programmes of Talks and Workshops

Funding has been gained by the church from the government's Volunteer Action Fund for a range of activities, including training, designed to support the work of the volunteers who operate in the Social Outreach programmes. The following programme of talks, workshops and seminars has been developed to be of interest and value to broad range of people, many of whom are volunteers in some capacity within Bo’ness. 

The Timing: These talks and seminars are planned to be held in the period February to June. Their format will differ from case to case; but generally, they will last about 1.5 to 2 hrs. All will be preceded by tea/coffee and nibbles.  Generally, there will be a talk for about 40 minutes followed by questions and open discussion. The events will take place at different times with most taking place in the evenings.

The Audience: Each of the activities will be of interest and value to different people; some are designed only for a specified group; others have broader appeal

Speakers:  We have sought to find speakers who are authorities in their area, and who will carry their audience with them.  Generally, but not always, speakers will be from outwith the church.

The Programme: The programme of talks, workshops, and seminar set out on the right is in process of development.

Weekend Courses

Weekday Courses