Sanctuary First

Sanctuary First

Sanctuary First is an alternative monthly Sunday evening service, designed to challenge all who attend to make worship a priority in their daily lives, by offering a place on the web that will be known as a sanctuary in cyberspace.

We use this medium to keep in touch with each other through emails, texts, blogs and weekly worship podcasts designed to promote Christian discipleship

We ask those who attend to set aside, time on a daily basis to worship.  Then on the first Sunday of the month to Worship with us at “Sanctuary First” in various venues around the country.

We aim to interest a wider community who don’t attend traditional worship services but who are looking for a faith community that will engage them in creative worship and lead them into deeper discipleship focusing on world issues as well as faith lifestyles.

Sanctuary First has grown out of the congregation of St Andrew’s Bo’ness.  In 1996 we engaged with our first multimedia style service from those early days we have continued to experiment and explore how technology can be used in a worship setting. At Sanctuary First we see the power of the internet to communicate the message of the Gospel. Once again we see this as a faith in action ministry

We are grateful to Sanctus Media who now produce and co-ordinate this service which is being used by various congregations around Scotland