Technology and Worship

Technology in Worship

St Andrew’s Bo’ ness seeks to be missional in its message using technology in order to communicate the Gospel with compassion and grace to a variety of communities across the cultural and generational divide.

This interest in technology and film has enabled the creation of a number of entrepreneurial ventures, helping the church to connect with and develop a number of worldwide social and humanitarian programmes. This work along with local social and community programmes have allowed the church to become relationally connected to a wide range of ages within the community of Bo’ ness and beyond.


The results have been quite extra-ordinary. An International Development Trust has emerged which is now completely autonomous.  Working with the Poor in Peru. Around 900 people in the past four years have volunteered for overseas work, from various parts of the UK.  Many of these people have been unchurched however a number of their connections and links lead back to Bo’ ness.