The Church Service

What Happens At our Services

The Sunday morning service begins at 10:30am. At the front door there are a couple people who greet everyone and hand out the news sheet that gives details of forthcoming events and activities.

The seating in the church is divided in two: there are fixed pews at the back (where most people sit) and movable chairs at the front (which are removed for some special services and events). Before the service some people sit quietly, whilst others talk with each other. The pre-service prayer meeting finishes about 10:20am.

Some people sit in a different place each week, whilst others sit in the same place. Don’t worry about sitting in someone’s pew - it will just give them an excuse to sit somewhere else! The person sitting next to you may also be a visitor.

The service actually starts when the Bible is brought in, placed on the lectern and opened. When this is happening, most people stand up in respect - this is one of the few formal parts of the service (the same happens at the end when the Bible is removed). Everyone sits down when the person that is leading the worship begins to speak.

Our services don’t follow the same pattern each week - there is usually some variation in the order and content, so what follows is only a rough outline of a typical service. The worship typically begins with two songs. The words are displayed on a screen (a sheet with the words is available at the door, please ask for one if required).

The music is led by a band with instruments that can include guitar(s), keyboard, violin and drums. There is a wide selection of songs, including: (unaccompanied) Scottish metrical psalms; traditional hymns; and contemporary songs by Scottish composers John Bell and Ian White, as well as others from around the world that include Stuart Townend, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, Hillsongs and songs from Africa. “Home grown” songs are also used. Some people raise their hands, while other keep theirs firmly by their side. There may be seven or eight items of sung worship during the service.

The first prayer may be offered by either the person leading the worship or a member of the congregation. This is usually followed by a talk for the children; they usually go to the front and sit on the floor for this. One or more children may be involved in some way as the teaching unfolds. This teaching may be given by someone other than the person leading the service. After a children’s song, the children leave for King’s Club (aka Sunday School) that takes place in the hall. While the children are out, the adults sing more songs, money is collected and the prayers for other people and places are said. Prayer requests are sometimes submitted by people calling them out, with the person leading the worship including them in the prayer.


Old and New Testament passages from the Bible are read either by the person leading the worship or by someone else. We use is the NIV (New International Version), which is a modern Bible translation. The teaching either progresses week by week through a book from the Bible or on themes that use passages from different parts of the Bible. This is often interactive in places with the preacher probing for thoughts and ideas. Short videos are sometimes used to support the topic. Podcasts can be downloaded from this website.

After the teaching, the children return from King’s Club. At this point we have called “News Time”: this is a bit of chill-out time. Here the children share news of birthdays (and everyone sings Happy Birthday) and things that they have done or are going to do that are special. And the adults do the same! Usually this about upcoming events, conferences , etc. and even the very occasional “word of prophecy”.

After the final song and the benediction the service is complete between 11:45am and 12pm. At this point some people leave, whilst others stay around to talk and drink tea or coffee. If you want to know more about God, or about the teaching, or about other groups, then please ask someone here - if they don’t know the answer, then they will help to find someone who does. The evening service begins at 6:30pm; it is attended by fewer people (so everyone sits at the front), there is no children’s ministry, fewer songs and musicians, and is usually shorter, but it is more interactive and gives a chance to for in-depth study.