A Church Without Walls

We are a congregation learning what it means to live through transition. We want be a church not so much driven by process and programmes as by prayer and practice. We would rather be affirming and discovering the work that God has already begun in the hearts and lives of people with whom we come in contact. 

We are Church Without Walls seeking to reflect our heritage which is rooted in a generous biblical Presbyterian orthodoxy.

During 2011 we have chosen for our theme "Living in the secret place of the invisible God".

To put it simply we want to be followers of Jesus!

About CWW

The Church Without Walls Report  2001 invited the church at large to consider four things that would help us to see where God is a work in the world.

God is at work turning us into:

  • A Church Shaped by the Gospel
  • A Church shaped by Locality
  • A Church shaped by friendships
  • A Church shaped by the Gifts of God’s people.

Check out the Sermons preached during Sept/October 2010 for more insight on these themes


Resources supporting CWW:

The Church Without Walls original report:
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