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Sunday 27th December Morning Worship (6.6 MB)
[Sun 27 Dec] Closing the year but claiming a future - Matthew 9: 6 - 17

Sunday 20th December Morning Worship (11.1 MB)
[Sun 20 Dec] The world is still waiting for peace.

Sunday 6th December Morning Worship (7.7 MB)
[Sun 06 Dec] The world is still waiting for forgiveness - Matthew 3: 1-17

Sunday 29th November Morning Worship (4.2 MB)
[Sun 29 Nov] Homecoming - St Andrew’s Day celebrations - The story of the prodigal Son

Sunday 22nd November Morning Worship (8.5 MB)
[Tue 24 Nov] Get your life in perspective.

Sunday 22nd November Evening Worship (14 MB)
[Tue 24 Nov] Albert discusses the role of leadership within the Church, the community, and the world.

Sunday 15th November Morning Worship (9.7 MB)
[Tue 24 Nov] Albert speaks this morning within the themes of Holiness and Worldliness.

Sunday 15th November Evening Worship (8.4 MB)
[Tue 24 Nov] Guest preacher John Brown gives us an insight into the importance of our faith in God.

Sunday 8th November Morning Worship (5.1 MB)
[Sun 08 Nov] Words Can Wound or Heal - James 3

Sunday 1st November Evening Worship (12.3 MB)
[Sun 01 Nov] Prayer, Praise and Healing

Sunday 1st November Morning Worship (12.7 MB)
[Sun 01 Nov] Cultivate Generosity - James 2

Sunday 25th October Evening Worship (11.8 MB)
[Sun 25 Oct] End Of Life Issues - Guest Speaker Murdo MacDonald from the Church Of Scotland’s Church and Society Council

Sunday 25th October Morning Worship (10 MB)
[Sun 25 Oct] Don’t Give Up - James 1

Sunday 18th October Evening Worship (15.6 MB)
[Sun 18 Oct] Albert in his ‘3rd Sunday in the month’ theme continues teaching for those in leadership in the church.

Sunday 18th October Morning Worship (12.1 MB)
[Sun 18 Oct] This morning Albert speaks on Jesus and His warnings

Sunday 11th October Evening Worship (10.4 MB)
[Sun 11 Oct] This evening, one of our elders - Douglas Farmer - leads worship

Sunday 11th October Morning Worship (5.1 MB)
[Sun 11 Oct] Guest preacher Rev Jock Stein leads us through teaching on Jesus’ “Golden Rule”

Sunday 4th October Morning Worship (10.4 MB)
[Sun 04 Oct] Harvest service, Boys Brigade enrollment, Reading Matthew 7:7-11

Sunday 27th September Evening Worship (12.5 MB)
[Sun 27 Sep] Presentation from South Queensferry Parish Church on Eco Congregations.

Sunday 27th September Morning Worship (10.4 MB)
[Sun 27 Sep] Jesus On Discernment.  Bible Reading Matthew 7: 1-6

Sunday 20th September Evening Worship (13.9 MB)
[Sun 20 Sep] What is it that has drawn you and called you to the place of leadership in the church?

Sunday 20th September Morning Worship (8 MB)
[Sun 20 Sep] Jesus teaches on worry.  Matthew 6: 25-34

Sunday 13th September Evening Worship (10.7 MB)
[Sun 13 Sep] Albert talks about the healing of the 10 lepers.

Sunday 13th September Morning Worship (11.4 MB)
[Sun 13 Sep] Jesus and money. Gordon Reid preaches on this topic.

Sunday 6th September Evening Worship (12.1 MB)
[Sun 06 Sep] Albert reads from Isaiah 54, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” Albert talks about the need for us to enlarge our vision for the church.

Sunday 6th September Morning Worship (11.7 MB)
[Sun 06 Sep] Jesus teaches on Motives.  Bible reading - Matthew 6: 1-18

Sunday 30th August Evening Worship (7.3 MB)
[Sun 30 Aug] The River.  Albert talks about the rivers that flow in our lives.

Sunday 30th August Morning Worship (7.4 MB)
[Sun 30 Aug] Jesus Teaches Morals.  It is only God’s love, the presence of the Spirit and grace that can change hearts.  Bible Reading - Matthew 5: 17-48

Sunday 23rd August Evening Worship (15.8 MB)
[Sun 23 Aug] Albert gives an update on the projects in India from his recent trip over the summer

Sunday 23rd August Morning Worship (7 MB)
[Sun 23 Aug] An introduction to Matthew’s Gospel which gives a brief overview of the sermon themes for the next few months.

Sunday 16th August Evening Worship (19.1 MB)
[Sun 16 Aug] Reaching Beyond - Inspiring Leadership

Sunday 9th August Morning Worship (6.1 MB)
[Sun 09 Aug] Guest preacher Donald Scott leads worship this morning and preaches from Jonah

Sunday 2nd August Morning Worship (13.4 MB)
[Sun 02 Aug] With Albert being away to India, some of the church elders who had been to the CLAN Gathering in July shared their testimony of experience there.

Sunday 26th July Evening Worship (12.1 MB)
[Sun 26 Jul] The Spirit in the Church. We need more of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 26th July Morning Worship (11 MB)
[Sun 26 Jul] Ending the series on relationships, Albert talks about “Living in the face of Death”.

Sunday 19th July Evening Worship (11.5 MB)
[Sun 19 Jul] This evening Albert continues his study on the church and the “body of Christ”.

Sunday 19th July Morning Worship (14.1 MB)
[Sun 19 Jul] Continuing his series on relationship, this morning Albert speaks about Singleness

Sunday 12th July Morning Worship (12.4 MB)
[Sun 12 Jul] This morning Albert talks about divorce in the context of a Christian marriage

Sunday 5th July Morning Worship (9.8 MB)
[Sun 05 Jul] Albert speaks this morning on “Christian marriage and its meaning for today”. Readings from Genesis 2:18-24 and Ephesians 5: 21-32

Sunday 28th June Morning Worship (5.9 MB)
[Sun 28 Jun] Today Albert speaks about the Bo’ness Children’s Fair with a sermon titled, “What would Jesus say to the Fair?”

Sunday 21st June Morning Worship (6.6 MB)
[Sun 21 Jun] At the King’s Club annual service we were looking at Jacob and Esau.

Sunday 14th June Morning Worship (8.2 MB)
[Sun 14 Jun] Albert speaks this morning on, “The Gospel changes Our relationship”. Readings from Ps 1, Lk 19: 1-10

Sunday 31st May Morning Worship (8.9 MB)
[Sun 31 May] Albert speaks this morning on “God’s Grace - Your Gift”. Readings were from: Gal 5:13-26 and 1 Cor 12:1-11

Sunday 24th May Evening Worship (10.4 MB)
[Tue 26 May] When relationships break up - Divorce Mark 10:1-16

Sunday 24th May Morning Worship (14.6 MB)
[Tue 26 May]

Sunday 17th May Evening Worship (7.3 MB)
[Mon 18 May] Alternative Models Of Commitment?

Sunday 17th May Morning Worship (10.8 MB)
[Mon 18 May] Baptism what does it mean?  Mark 10:2-16 Romans 6:21-29

Sunday 10th May Evening Worship (10.9 MB)
[Mon 11 May]  Being Open to the Holy Spirit   Acts 1 1­-5

Sunday 10th May Morning Worship (10 MB)
[Mon 11 May] Abraham & His Promise—Don’t write it off   Gen 17 1­-14 & Gal 3 21-­29

Sunday 26th April Evening Service (9 MB)
[Sun 26 Apr] “Do You Love Me More Than This?” - John 21

Sunday 26th April Morning Worship (8.6 MB)
[Sun 26 Apr] From Faith To Resurrection - 1Corinthians 15

Sunday 19th April Evening Worship (9.5 MB)
[Mon 20 Apr] Disappointment Turns To Joy   Luke 24:13-53   Isaiah 53:10-12

Sunday 19th April Morning Worship (9.4 MB)
[Mon 20 Apr] Doubt to Resurrection   Psalm 77:1-20 John 20:19-31

Sunday 12th April Evening Worship (3.4 MB)
[Sun 12 Apr] Faith, Food and Fellowship.  Albert talks about the Holy Spirit.

Sunday 12th April Morning Worship (8.7 MB)
[Sun 12 Apr] The Journey to Resurrection.  Job 19: 21-27, John 20: 1-10

Sunday 5th April Morning Worship (11.5 MB)
[Sun 05 Apr] Guest preacher Rev Gordon Reid leads us in the ” Road of Holiness”

Sunday 29th March Evening Worship (16.7 MB)
[Mon 30 Mar] A Walk Through The Bible - Preacher Douglas Farmer

Sunday 29th March Morning Worship (8.6 MB)
[Mon 30 Mar] There can be nothing more horrific than the idea of child sacrifice. The story of Isaac and Abraham has often created a stir as people question the intentions of Abraham.

Sunday 22nd March Morning Worship (10.6 MB)
[Wed 25 Mar] The Road To Service

Sunday 22nd March Evening Worship (3.4 MB)
[Wed 25 Mar] Faith And Festival

Sunday 15th March Evening Worship (3 MB)
[Tue 17 Mar] John 10:1-10

Sunday 15th march Morning Worship (12.8 MB)
[Tue 17 Mar] The Journey Of Obedience   Exodus 4:1-17 1Sam 15:10-22

Sunday 8th March Evening Worship (11.9 MB)
[Mon 09 Mar] Michele Guinness - The Heavenly Party

Sunday 8th March Morning Worship (10.1 MB)
[Mon 09 Mar] Forgiveness is not a human trait. It is a divine attribute. We could never forgive without the help and aid of God our Father. - Gen 45: 1-15, Matt 6: 9-15

Sunday 1st March Evening Worship (1.9 MB)
[Sun 01 Mar] Sanctuary First - Chocolate Sunday.  This is the first Sunday in Lent and we are being asked to lay down the things that trouble/burden us, take up the cross and follow Jesus. 

Sunday 1st March Morning Worship (10.8 MB)
[Sun 01 Mar] The Journey Of Repentance. There is truly only one way to begin a journey; you have to physically make a start. Repentance is the starting point. Bible readings: Gen 44: 1-17, Psalm 51: 1-19, Mark 1: 1-5

Sunday 22nd February Evening Worship (9.5 MB)
[Sun 22 Feb] Surviving Under Great Trials - 1Peter 2:12-25

Sunday 22nd February Morning Worship (9.1 MB)
[Sun 22 Feb] A Generation That Needs To Party - Mark 2: 18-22

Sunday 15th February evening service - Living It On The Road (6.7 MB)
[Sun 15 Feb] 1 Peter 2

Sunday 15th February morning service - A Fatherless Generation (14.1 MB)
[Sun 15 Feb] Genesis 42:8-24 Luke 1:14-21

Sunday 8th February evening service - Hope Changes Everything (8.2 MB)
[Sun 08 Feb] 1 Peter 1.3 - 2.10

Sunday 8th February morning service - A Generation Of Hurt And Resentment (10.4 MB)
[Sun 08 Feb] Gen. 37:12-36   Luke 15:25-32

Sunday 1st February morning service - The Lost Generation (9.4 MB)
[Mon 02 Feb] Gen. 37 1-11 Luke 15:11-24

Faith And Heritage (8.4 MB)
[Tue 27 Jan] Matthew 7:1-5

The Challenge Of Facing Home (8 MB)
[Tue 27 Jan] Psalm 126

Sunday 18th January Evening Worship (5.6 MB)
[Wed 21 Jan] Led by Albert Bogle

Sunday 18th January Morning Worship (8.4 MB)
[Wed 21 Jan] Led by Albert Bogle.  Coming Home.

Sunday 11th January Evening Worship (14.5 MB)
[Wed 21 Jan] Led by Maggie Lane.

Sunday 11th January Morning Worship (10 MB)
[Wed 21 Jan] Led by Maggie Lane. 

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