St Andrew’s Parish Church exists in order to help people who have no faith or little faith discover the reality of God’s presence in the world and in their lives.

We believe that God is already known to us all and is at work in all our lives often before we actually realise his presence.. We may find this hard to believe but there is a God shaped blank in our lives. We often try to fill the emptiness with things that never last. Each of us is searching for more in our lives. Christian discipleship is about seeking to encounter the more. Jesus once said of himself “ I have comer that you might have life in all its fullness’

Discipleship is about journeying alongside others with Jesus Christ at the centre. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ today is no less challenging than it was 2000 years ago. At the core of discipleship is a call to put our trust in God rather than in our own abilities. In the words of Bonhoeffer “ When Christ calls a man he bids him come and die.”

We want to help develop disciples in our congregation by encouraging every to start the journey at their own pace. This means different people may join different kinds of groups. One way to start engaging faith is to begin to try and practice some of the suggestions listed...

The daily Bible readings and prayers at Sanctuary First make this easier to sustain. Check out the Sanctuary First web site.

We would encourage participation in small groups be they fellowship groups or Bible study groups. Check out what is currently running in the church calendar

We would encourage individuals to make a commitment to serve Christ daily and to give of their resources to the work of the Kingdom at home and overseas.

We are called to bear witness to the light of Christ in our lives and to expect that the Holy Spirit will bring others to faith in Jesus.