World Without Walls



World Without Walls is a project which aims to link together organisations in Scotland with their partner organisations overseas.

The World Without Walls Project is currently undergoing redevelopment but here is some information about what has been happening over the past few years.


The World Without walls Project was started in 2005 with funding from the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland and support from Scotsys, The Church of Scotland and Apple.

Each World Without Walls project starts out with two organisations getting to know each other. They might have had an ongoing relationship for many years, or they may just have met.

Then, between themselves they can apply to World Without Walls to become part of this larger project.



Once accepted onto the programme they each commit to attend the training courses and to send each other one, short, 5 minute video film once a month about some aspect of their organisation's life and activity which they share with each other. Each of the videos, as well as being shared with each partner is also showcased here, on the World Without Walls website.










If you'd like to see some of the videos or would just like some further information about the World Without Walls Project and the partners involved, just go to