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Sangita Orphanage

Sangita Charitable Trust is children's home, situated in Padappai, which cares for any child who needs a home, food and love, irrespective of caste, religion and denomination. Started in 1997 this organisation at present has 85 children who are residents.  This is run by Grace and Paul Moses.  They staff are all from different and difficult backgrounds who have come to stay at the Sangita home to take care of the children. They stay there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Since its inception, the trust has been trying its best to help the hundreds of children in and around Chennai city. Orphans left to fend for themselves on the streets and exposed to various forms of suffering and abuse. For days together, these children go without food or shelter having to brave the elements and the dangers of living in the shadows. 

The children at this home are from very tormented and traumatic backgrounds. They are children of leprosy patients, beggars, criminals and destitute women. Some children are orphans, others have been abandoned and some have family who can't afford to look after them.

The desire of the Trust is to relieve their misery and move them into an environment of love and belonging. Over the past seven years, the Sangita Charitable Trust has been striving to provide:
A home for the homeless

Food for the hungry

Clothes for the needy

Love for the abandoned

An education for the under-privileged


Widows Programme

In 2004 Grace and Paul were exposed to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the underprivileged people of the neighbouring communities around the Sangita premises. The needs of these people both young and old seemed to be great. It was very hard to accept that the people were not aware of many bare basic things in life towards physical and emotional wellbeing. The main reasons being poverty combined with lack of awareness. We became very uncomfortable to realise that these communities existed barely within a 50 kms radius to the cosmopolitan post modern Chennai. 
This great challenge led them to start a program for the widows every month by providing them with food supplies and vitamins. Need based programs like medical clinics and eye camps for the villagers and programs on value based teachings through sports for the youth and children became a regular feature as part of the community transformation program.
There are about 14 villages in the surrounding area of the orphanage.  The people there are very poor and uneducated. Their vision is to adopt these villages and provide them with the basic necessities for a good living and to take care of their children who are not educated, the elderly who are neglected, the destitute women and the widows and the youth who need direction in their life.
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