India Charitable Trust Christ The Rock Church

Bar Educational Trust

Christ The Rock's "Bar Educational Trust" has been serving the Periyar Nagar slum dwellers in Thiruvanmiyur since 1994. 
Free tuition classes give the children great encouragement to pursue school education and also provides an avenue for the children to voice their various lives’ challenges and receive appropriate counsel.
The staff also interact with the family members, with school teachers and with officials to find solutions to any problems. Special efforts are taken to unearth the natural talents of the children in arts, handwork and music. 

 The children are provided with:

Scholarship, books, uniforms

Nourished food on various occasions

Games, entertainments and puppet show

Teaching on health and hygiene

Free medical counsel 

Free Tailoring Centre

Most of the slum dwelling women are uneducated women who work as housemaids with a meagre income. Married to irresponsible men, they are often left to raise their children alone.  They become responsible for feeding, clothing and educating their children as their husband has either left for another woman or has become an alcoholic. 
The tailoring skills give them great confidence in life, enabling them to be independent and earn an income so that they can provide for themselves and their children.
Pastor Raj Ignatius and his wife Vanitha are the pastors of Christ the Rock and have set up the Trust and the Tailoring Centre.