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    St Andrew's Parish Church
    For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
    which God prepared in advance for us to do.
    Ephesians 2:10


“Paul in Athens”

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“Hope in the Pain”

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“Kingdom Attitudes”

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“Lessons in Listening”

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March 3, 2019

Prayer Day

A day of prayer for our church, community and the world.

The church building will be open from 9am til 4pm to give anyone an opportunity to sing, hear scripture, share fellowship but maily to pray.

Sacrifice some of your time to be with God for 1 hour in any slot during the 7 hours.

Tea/coffee/water will be provided within each hour. Only bread (no cake, no biscuits) during last 15 minutes of each hour. 




9 – 10am;   Hymn, Reading, Prayer, Fellowship: Sharing, Hot Drinks, 

10am – 10.30am;  Reading, Prayer.  

10.30am   Morning Worship       

11.30am – 12noon;  Hot Drinks, Reading, Hymn.

12noon – 1pm;  Hymn, Reading, Prayer, Fellowship, Sharing, Hot Drinks,

1pm - 2pm;  Hymn, Reading, Prayer, Fellowship, Sharing, Hot Drinks,

2pm – 3pm;  Hymn, Reading, Prayer, Fellowship, Sharing, Hot Drinks,

3pm – 4pm;  Hymn, Reading, Prayer. 

4pm;   Close with Reading, then sing  “May God’s Blessing surround you each day”


All Scripture Readings are from The Acts of the Apostles.



“Never give up Praying,

When you pray, keep alert and be thankful.”

Colossians 4: 2


Prayer Day
March 10, 2019

Lent Disciplines


This year, as part of our Lent reflections, we, via Sanctuary First, are encouraging you to take on a Lent Discipline each week. These Disciplines are inspired by our rich Christian heritage and offer simple, straightforward ways of settling the heart, stilling the mind, and focusing our thoughts. They invite you to to do one thing every day for each week, the idea being that repetition allows you to build on the experience, noticing new things each day. If you forget or miss a day, don’t worry, just start again on the next day. Our hope is that by repeating the exercises you make space for rest, calm and new insights. Lent is an important time in the church calendar to slow down and make time to focus our minds on God.


Lent Disciplines
March 22, 2019

Dementia Friendly Developments

Learning about dementia freindly community developments

St Columba's Church, Stiriling.  Friday 22nd March.

For anyone interested in going, there will be keynote speakers and presentations of community activities from across Scotland.  

Contact B McDowell before 12th March - Email bmcdowell@churchofscotland.org.uk

Dementia Friendly Developments
April 14, 2019

Easter Services

Join us for our Easter Services 

Psalm Sunday - 14th April @10.30am

Easter Sunday - 21st April @10.30am

That first Easter morning Jesus Christ defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave. The curse which banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden was finally broken. The judgement for any and all sin – across the whole of time – had fallen on Jesus as He hung on the cross. When Jesus died He took the punishment for all that sin on himself and became the ultimate expression of God’s perfect justice and infinite mercy.

Easter Services

A Warm Welcome

A very warm welcome to you from all of us here at St Andrew's Parish Church in Bo'ness. We're one of three Churches of Scotland in Bo'ness, at the far eastern bounds of the Presbytery of Falkirk. Our two worship services each week (one on Sunday, and midweek on Wednesday) are fixed anchors for us in an otherwise full, busy and effective ministry in and around the community. 

Finding Out More

We hope that our website gives you a great overview of all that we do and care about, but it can only go so far. If you would like to find out more about God, and his son, Jesus Christ then the best thing to do is get in touch with us directly. All of our groups, activities and events have their own pages where you can find out more, and how to contact each group for more information. We hope to see you around!



About Our Church



Our social outreach groups have professional leaders but are largely run by committed volunteers. The groups focus on service to our local community through children and family work, youth work, and caring for frail people or those with dementia. Our uniformed organisations continue a longstanding and unbroken tradition that has existed in St Andrew’s under the many ministers who have served the church during its existence on the current site in Grange Terrace. The extent and variety of service provided by volunteers in the church has led to St Andrew’s receiving many of the volunteering awards which Falkirk Council bestows on local communities. Indeed, Bo’ness as a whole has recently been named as a thriving hub of voluntary and charitable activity with around 150 charities and voluntary organisations operating and turning over £2.5 million a year.



St Andrew’s has become known for embracing new ideas, and it is many years since we began using film and other media in our own worship and in support of prayer and study, such as the Labyrinth meditation. Later, the development of the internet has allowed us to have close contact with partner bodies and to communicate the word of God to a wider audience. Along the way we have acquired a steadily growing internet congregation of people looking in from home and from many countries abroad. We are pleased to welcome them as they tune in to our Sunday worship which is streamed out across the world. The use of media in the church led to the setting up of a separate, independent body, Sanctus Media, who still work in close relationship with St Andrew’s but also provide professional media services for the Church of Scotland and other organisations.



It was from within St Andrew’s that the Vine Trust charity began with support from ‘Branches’, the church shop in the Market Square. From there, the Vine Trust has gone on to become an international charity, currently providing healthcare and education in Peru and Tanzania. As a church we support projects in south India that work with children and widows. In St Andrew’s, we believe that every church member is called to share in ministry and that all are called to the vocation of discipleship. This means living out gospel values in our everyday lives at work and at home, serving the local community and being involved in other national or overseas projects.


As a congregation, we're huge supporters of Sanctuary First and CrossReach. Their daily and weekly prayers are reproduced on the right, and you are welcome and encouraged to use them.

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