We are in a period of vacancy and we are presently looking for a new minister. As a congregation we respond well to an adaptive leadership style from a warm approachable minister who also has a sense of humour. We believe that a minister who is holy spirit led in biblical preaching is essential to encouraging more of our community to learn about our Loving Father. 

Our community projects are often initiated by members of the congregation and greatly benefit from a leader who is able to guide and counsel as well as build bridges as the need arises. We would also benefit from a minister with the confidence and courage to challenge while encouraging and motivating others to successfully implement necessary changes. We value generosity and trustworthiness and demonstrate these values with each other. We welcome all age groups but are aware that we need to reach out more to the middle age groups as, although they are the largest part of the community profile, this is not represented in our congregation. 

A minister who is visible in the Church and the community will lead us to reach out to those parts of our community we do not currently attract. We, as elders, share pastoral care with our minister helping with this variable workload. We are informal but respectful in our meetings together and a young at heart leader who is fearless in giving the glory to God will further motivate and organise this congregation.

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