The beginning...

In 2008, St. Andrew’s Multimedia Youth Project (SAMYP) completed its work and split into two new ventures for St. Andrew’s Church; Sanctus Media Ltd and the Avenue Project.  Whilst Sanctus Media works purely as a multimedia business, Avenue provides activities, support and opportunity for young people from secondary school upwards, through a variety of ‘sub-projects’ that run on a local, national and international scale.

Our most established youth projects include VNU Youth Bar (originally known as The Youth Café), Valley FM and the International Youth Exchange.  However, these projects are just a taste of the work that we do at Avenue...

Some of our projects...

Valley FM

Since 2005, Valley FM radio station has brought young people the opportunity to have their voices heard live on the air.  For the last 2 weeks in June every year, Valley FM goes live with a variety of young presenters and their music; taking their listeners right up to the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival at the end of the month.  Planned and prepared by a committee of young people each year, VFM has proven itself a success for the Avenue Project.

International Youth Exchange

After being part of a work party in 2007, Avenue youth worker Lilias Snedden set up the International Youth Exchange to give young people the chance to make a difference in the lives of others around the world.  In 2008, Lilias took a team of young people out to Chennai, India to engage in missionary work with some partner projects of St. Andrew’s Church.  Following an emotional, yet successful trip, the Youth Exchange has since seen young people from Chennai visit us here in Scotland, and now another young work party preparing to visit India in 2011.

Want to know more?

For more information on all of our projects, youth work, and how you can get involved visit www.AvenueProject.org.uk.