Tuesday Club


The Tuesday Club is a weekly day care group for 11 people suffering with dementia.

The mission of the Tuesday Club is to offer a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment to individuals, with a variety of activities developed around each person’s needs and with one-to-one support to enhance these weekly experiences.

The Aims of the Tuesday Club are as follows:

  • To provide physical and mental stimulation for its members through a series of suitable activities.
  • To provide respite time for carers.
  • To be a listening service for main carers.
  • To offer a time for sharing, reflecting and feeling valued, as well as ‘time away’ from which both the individuals and their carers may benefit.

The Tuesday Club was originally set up in 1992 by Sandra Farrington, an elder of St. Andrew’s Parish Church.  During these early years, it received many community awards, in particular the McLaren Trophy for outstanding service to the community.  The Club registered with Care Commission in September 2007 and is seen by members, carers and social workers as a valuable resource to the town.  See latest Inspection Report.

The operations of the Tuesday Club are directed by a voluntary Management Committee, responsible to the Kirk Session via the Social Outreach Committee.  The day-to-day running of the Club is the responsibility of the Co-ordinator, Lynn Holleran, who has the support and supervision of a Line Manager and is assisted by a willing and loyal group of volunteers. 

The Kirk Session and the Management Committee attach great importance to the work of the volunteers without whose enthusiastic commitment the Club would not be able to function.  At the present time, there are sixteen volunteers working with the Club.  They bring a wide range of experience and expertise to their responsibilities.  The opportunity to serve as a volunteer also enriches the lives of those who participate; in helping others they help and enrich themselves.  There is a well developed system of recruiting, interviewing, appointing, induction, training, managing volunteers, of establishing codes of conduct and procedures for their work and for evaluation.  Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Lynn.


Management Committee

Graham Taylor - Chairperson
Harry Mahoney - Treasurer
Susan Murdoch - Secretary
Lynn Holleran - Co-ordinator
Isobel Gibson - Line Manager
Aileen Rose - Volunteer Representative
Valerie Berridge - Fund Raiser
Rev. Albert Bogle - Minister at St. Andrew’s Church

The work of the Club is governed by a comprehensive range of policy and procedural documents.  To view our inspection report (pdf) please click here.

Typical Tuesday

It meets in the church hall between 10:00am and 2:00pm.  Each member is collected from home by a volunteer driver and escort, and returned home in the afternoon.

9:00am... Co-ordinator and volunteers arrive at church.

10:00am... Members arrive.  Tea, coffee, toast and a selection of fruit.  Socialising and
catching up with weekly local and national events and news.  Or a trip to a local garden centre for refreshments and a scone before coming to the club if it is a nice morning.

11:00am... Activities. These may include dominoes, card-making, reminiscing, scrabble, baking and flower arranging.

12:30pm... Lunch. A hot two-course lunch is offered.

1:00 pm... Afternoon activities.  Often these are whole-group activities such as singing, dancing, quizzes, bingo, bowls, pool or a minibus excursion.

1:30pm... Afternoon tea.

2:00pm... Depart for home.

Each member is asked to contribute £4.00 when they attend towards costs.

Finance and Fundraising

The Club is grateful to Falkirk Council for their continued support of this project and would find it difficult to survive without the annual grant of £6,000 that is awarded.

Fundraising takes place every year in the form of tables at various local events, such as Victorian Street Fayre, Kinneil Heritage Fair, Linlithgow Canal Fun Day and Grangemouth Community events.  Goods sold include books, CD’s and DVD’s, toys and games, jewellery and bric-a-brac.  Anyone wishing to donate items for the stalls should contact Susan Murdoch on 01506 823037 or 07919 963360 who collects items throughout the year.

Contact Information

Co-ordinator: Lynn Holleran

Mobile Number: 07754 818838

Church Office: (01506) 825803

Email Address: thetuesdayclub@standonline.org.uk